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Applied Art

BFA (Applied Art) Degree

The Art

Applied Art is a contemporary form of art used as a powerful tool for visual publicity, especially in the immensely creative, rewarding and vital field of advertising. A powerful tool of mass communication, Applied Art is also known as Visual Communication or Visual Design and Graphic Communication or Graphic Design. Applied Art is a proven tool of modern visual communication.

The Industry

Applied Art as a professional skill finds high demand in the advertising industry worldwide. The advertising industry comprising creative agencies and graphic design studios strives to promote products/services/brands for companies across the business spectrum through various advertising tools including visual communication. Applied Arts forms the skill sets of artists trained to excel in the advertising industry by envisioning, designing and presenting high impact visual messages.

The Program

As a professional, in-demand career program, Applied Art features an in-depth, sector-focused and ever-evolving curriculum designed to instill creative sensibilities and groom aspirants to attain professional competence as Graphic Designers (Applied Artists) as per current industry trends. Essentially, the program helps candidates specialize in the knowledge and use of digital tools required for creative design (conceptualization, layout, image manipulation, etc…) across media from print to outdoor and web. The program also equips candidates with the intellectual competence to pursue higher education.

Program Eligibility: 10 + 2 or equivalent
Program Duration: 4 years
Degree Title: BFA (Applied Art)

The Future

Applied Art with specific reference to the advertising industry is an ever-evolving discipline and offers exciting opportunities for career aspirants seeking a bright and rewarding future. The industry offers talented candidates, excellent opportunities for career advancement and is amongst best paying fields. Great learning opportunities, and immense job satisfaction combined with remarkable professional and personal growth make this field a highly attractive career choice.


1st Year

I Semester
History of Visual Art and Aesthetics-I | English-I | Drawing-I
Color Design-I | Applied Art-I | Painting-I | Sculpture-I

II Semester
Visual Communication-I | Drawing from Life | Computer Basics
Graphic Design-I | Typography-I

2nd Year

III Semester
History of Visual Art and Aesthetics-II | English-II | Drawing-II
Color Design-II | Applied Art-II | Painting-II | Sculpture-II

IV Semester
Visual Communication-II | Environmental Studies | Drawing & Illustration
Digital Page Layout | Graphic Design-II | Typography-II

3rd Year

V Semester
Reproduction Techniques | Technical Illustration | Computer Drawing
Graphic Design-III | Basic Photography

VI Semester
Campaign Planning | Advance Illustration | Digital Photography
Advance Typography | Ad-Film Design

4th Year

VII Semester
Advertising Operations | Creative Illustration | Computer Image Editing
Advertising Photography | Mini Project

VIII Semester
Internship | Project Work | Thesis

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